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More Screaming from the Monkey Cage.

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RIP WGW Jul. 3rd, 2016 @ 05:28 pm
Just noticed it was down today.

Well, that's the end of that, I guess.

Um Jun. 13th, 2012 @ 07:17 pm
What the shit is going on with WGW? What is this 'expired' bullshit?

It's all fixed. Go, Spotts! However, if it should come up again in the future, here is the link to find the forum.

Yes. Yes, it is nostalgia week. Come get mugged down memory lane. Feb. 26th, 2012 @ 03:02 pm
Your best memory of the Godawful Fanfiction site'n'forums.

Your worst memory of Godawful Fanfiction site'n'forums.

General anecdotes.


Advice Please Feb. 6th, 2010 @ 05:03 pm
My vagina has started itching recently and I've noticed a funny smell. What could this be?

Like a cockroach... Jul. 7th, 2009 @ 07:48 pm
I come to you with news.
As many of you possibly know already, the House of Bad Fanfiction went down due to admin-related drama. There were a lot of fireworks.
I created a new forum as a backup place to escape to if the House exploded. It pretty much did.

We have our own domain, a bunch of us pitched in.
The template needs work, as do some other things, but the community is all there.

The migration happened a month ago, but the admin was tied into Encyclopedia Dramatica, Something Awful, and /b/ so it seemed unwise to hand out the link so soon. So I apologize for leaving you in the dark, it was for the good of the whole.

Here's the url-> http://whygodwhy.org

Look forward to seeing you there.

EDIT: Yeah, flogging the dead horse, but just this last time.
Other entries
» The House of Badfanfics
Has gone down.

For those of you who want a forum, PM me.

I and a couple of others have collaborated to make a replacement board.
Again, PM me.
I was Nihilist on there.
It's like... covert ops.
However, it has spawned a mutant child here.

Just sayin', on the off-chance that somebody missed GAFF going down and feels homeless now.

Can it be?

» (No Subject)
Once Godawful.net ends on the 15th, I vote this forum is used going forward for pictures of cattle.


Edit: Happy, Nat?
» (No Subject)
For any of you without the 'official' GAFF comm on your list and still vaguely interested:

GAFF eats shit and dies
Go make the place funny again. The few remaining funny people try hard, but it is not enough.

There may be cookies in it for you.
» Is GAFF down?
I haven't been able to get GAFF to load since yesterday evening. What happened?
» What happened to GAFF?
Did I miss something? Is the site down for maintenance, or am I the only one that's unable to connect?
» Comes a time alla youse no longer reading GAFF'll remove this comm

Does the mere sight of an inappropriate-to-comm sexually explicit userpic wind you up?

Fuck you Knorg, just FUCK YOU.

Will you be reporting this to the LJ Abuse team?


» Freezer made this userpic so it is automatically cooler than anything you ever saw
'lo gaff_lj

» The GAFF usage poll
Poll #1136156 GAFF use

GAFF's been back for eight months. Do you still use the forum?

Yes - Read and Post
Yes - Read only

If you are still posting and reading... WHY?
» Which forum users do you hate/dislike/get irritated by: The Anonymous Edition.
A nice traditional anti-circle-jerk for people to bitch and whine anonymously about users of the forum.

No Livejournal Required!
» Hey...
Hey. Never been here before and wanted check it out, see if there was anything going on, 'cause I'm bored witless.

Heh...looks fine enough from where I'm standing.
» (No Subject)
So how long before Site Guru says "Fuck it" and disables poll making?
» Does this comm contain EXPLICIT ADULT CONTENT?
And if not, why not?
» So, anyway, it turns out I can have as many GAFF sockpuppets as I want
Read more...Collapse )
» Bloody hell, people!
1) What part of "Do Not Post Harry Potter Here" do you not understand? Are people just hitting Add Topic as soon as the page loads without even reading it? The f'n HP sub-forum loads before NR proper does. And not only that, but I've seen some users (and not newbies, at that) who are doing this repeatedly. Are you people too good to follow the rules? Or just too lazy and/or stupid?

2) ANTIDOTES. GO. IN. GABBERY. This has been the rule since the orange boards. Yet it's veteran GAFFers that keep throwing [Antidote] into every section EXCEPT Gabbery. Do you not notice that such topics keep getting moved?

You people bring out the Cranky Old Man in me! Now GET OFF MY LAWN!
» Testing a theory...
Poll #1069012 Ugly Words for Ugly People

Is Chainsawmidget a cunt?


As of right now, 26 of 76 or 34.21% of GAFFers have voted that Chainsawmidget is a cunt. I have a theory as to whether the same results would appear on an LJ poll. I'd say no.

Cast your votes.
» It's a filk!
I feel I owe Carly Simon an apology for what I've just done to one of her best-known songs. (For those of you who haven't heard it in a while, or at all, I offer this link.)

You walked into Godawful,
      like you were being asked to wank.
Your hand strategically dipped beneath your pants,
      the smell was absolutely rank.
You had one eye on your thread view counts,
      though your comments kinda stank
And yet, you dreamed that we'd give you attention,
      we'd give you attention, and...

      Yoooou're so lame.
      You prob'ly think this thread is about you.
      You're so lame. ("So lame!")
      I bet you think this thread is about you.
      Don't you? Don't you?

You found this site a few years ago,
      in which you tried to fit.
From dogpiling newbs, to saying "just kill yourself,"
      most of your posts were shit.
When we told you that you were being a brat,
      you promised us you'd quit.
But you did not, you still splooge in our forum,
      splooge in our forum, and...

(Repeat Chorus)

Yet you're still here, you still splooge in our forum,
      splooge in our forum, and...

(Repeat Chorus)

Well I hear you tried to turn over a new leaf,
      you even changed your name.
You pretend that you're all grown up this time around,
      and your past deeds fill you with shame.
And still we see you on this site,
      and your wanking is just the same.
You haven't changed, you still splooge in our forum,
      splooge in our forum, and...

(Repeat Chorus a few more times.)
» Problem.
Is it just me, or has the GAFF server stopped working again?
» No, *you're* stupid
Okay, seriously?

Chris91 posts two word replies and everyone's up in arms.


P.S. Karmyn, you dopey mare. I don't have to be paid to call out dipshits. I do it for fun.
» (No Subject)
Oh, Chris91. When will you learn?
» (No Subject)
Why, according to the borg collective on GAFF, is sex so disgusting? If Mario wants to get it on with Bowser and Peach, just let 'em. Are you all so conservative and/or young that the very idea of shoving anything up your cooch is automatically a canon violation?

99% of everything sucks. I get it. I'd like something more than the obvious dipshit Mary Sues and the Sueish douchebags that try to snark them but end up as godawful as a pmsing high school kid posturing for attention from the nerds.

That Outrageous Lie thread sucks something fierce. The lies are uncreative regurgitations of half-eaten dogshit. I used to hang out there a long time ago, back in 2004, and I was maybe that bad, bu seriously, how many times can you call some nitwit a Mary Sue?

Yes, there is stuff that really, truly sucks, but most of the time it is just opinion vs. opinion with no real ground. This is GAFF. The arguments are what makes it awesome. The fanfiction is mediocre, not GA. And a good 75% of the members are still in high school.

» Guess what.
Looks like the server's down again. Anybody else experiencing problems?
I told Harley that she was banned from GAFF.

Slightly not work safe.Collapse )
» (No Subject)
Anybody else not able to get into the Gaff forums? (or any part of the site really for me)

I'd like to know that it's not just me that getting a "Firefox can't find the server at www.godawful.net." page here.
» (No Subject)
Is anyone else having difficulties with their approved accounts? If so, does anyone know how to fix it? The Site Guru told me I'd been approved, but I have to log in three times to actually look at the forums (once when I sign on, again to look at my Control Panel, and again to get to the forums), and then things are OK until I try to post a reply, which is when I get told that there's been an error and I need to log in again. I emailed the Guru about a week ago and haven't heard back yet. I also tried to sign in a new account, but it hasn't gotten approved yet. Any ideas?

-CK queen of the imps
» Dear everybody
What is it about the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom that makes such broken broken people

» For those in the cheap seats...
As per the latest http://www.godawful.net/updates.htm SG started an official LJ COMM a few weeks back at godawful_fanfic which he hopes "never to have to really use", and a personal account at the_site_guru which is announced as never going to be used as one.
» A Child and His Literary Criticism Textbook
From Psy-4 in the Guestbook. A sample of things that Psy-4 thinks about certain topics concerning not only fanfiction, but also of some degree of literature itself:

Angst-fics - obsolete since 'Hamlet' (Oh, really?)

High-School fics - obsolete since 'Bully' (What?)

AU fics - obsolete since the beggining of fanfiction.(I mean, COME ON, it's just original fiction with characters we don't know bearing the characteristics and names of characters we do know) (Sad. And lame.)

PWP - obsolete since porno movies came out.

Plot - missing since the first Mary Sue.

In-depth plot analysis - missing since Johnny Depp

Analysis of philosophical issues - missing since Kingdom Hearts 2

I had written something lengthy about points 1 and 2, but I'm not sure if it's that good and if it exactly conforms to the list. Instead, I'll just leave you with the annoyingly pretentious and ultimately sad logic that Psy-4 has presented in order to discredit several genres within fanfiction.

But I will say this: Psy-4, I imagine you are going to grow up to be one of those people who sits in an ugly chair, swirling root beer around in a highball glass while endlessly working the names of philosophers like Immanuel Kant and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe into your conversations with other people as much as you can. You will work at Pottery Barn and get no further than night manager because everyone will think you are a pretentious asshole. Expect frequent bludgeonings with the thick books from your bookshelf around the head and balls.

ETA: Psy-4 does not really think "angst-fic" over the last six hundred years is really "obsolete", rather that it is WAY INFERIOR to HAMLET
» Not as bad as some of the stuff we've had ('specially on the board. *shudder*) but still GA news.

*sigh* Shit like this is just disgusting, really. Shouldn't really be surprised, considering I'm just as much a GAFFer as you guys are, and thus have seen a lot worse (just no good at MSTing). Really though, the idea of keeping slaves is just repulsive, in my opinion.
» Following on from all the GAFF LJ Cat Macros [NWS]
Why Voodoo And Cat Macros do not mixCollapse )
» Dear Ian:
Screened comments paired with a whiny pissy intolerant ignorant stance on a public community on Livejournal about GodTube?

You truly are the whiniest most humorless person ever.

TEEN TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

» I hate myself
I'm a huge fucking asshole.

» (No Subject)
Nickolaus Pacione is a funny, funny little man. He has a Xanga, whatever that is. I think it's something like Livejournal, but for the younger set. Anyway, whatever it is, Nicky-boy has one, and it has an RSS feed at nickolaus_feed. He fancies himself a writer, but he has trouble with "your" and "you're," not to mention "there," "they're," and "their." He fancies himself persecuted, but he has trouble with the basic idea of "don't dish it out if you can't take it." Every tenth word he types is "faggot" or "dyke," which leads me to believe that he really desperately wants to go suck some dick, and he hopes that if he's loudly homophobic enough, no one will realize it. And his fiction is composed mostly of childish revenge fantasies.

But wait! There's more! Go over there right now, and you'll get to see him interact with his adoring public! (And by "adoring public," I mean "people who have a whole armory full of axes to grind.)
» Wondering what The Secret is?

Come inside. I'll ruin it for you in a couple of pages.Collapse )
» (No Subject)
This just...wow. Both of these within a day of each other. It really makes one realize how mind-blowingly cruel and sick the human race can be.


» Why?
Why?Collapse )
» (No Subject)
Anyone know where I can find a full version of "legolas by laura"? The sites I can find only have about 1/2 - 3/4 of it.
10:12 PM, MST zone: Guru posts this in the guestbook.

Fair warning: I'm backing up the guestbook as soon as I post this, so anything you post after this may get disappeared when the nameservers update and you suddenly find yourself on the new GAFF server.

At the very least, we're one step closer to the reopening of the forums (and the beginning of a new era of shitslinging).


» Oh Jesus Christ God why1\
Shit. The middle school I went to put on better dances than this shit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, two shitheads from Whose Line Is it Anyway doing a shitty improv rap with MC Karl Rove.

I don't know who should be more embarrassed. I do want to punch Brad Sherwood in the face, though.

By popular demand, I have taken a break from my almost incessant Commanding and Conquering to alert the community of PART TWO OF MY IMMORTAL

Harry looks like some sort of fucking freak.

» A little 90s nostalgia
Last night, I caught a movie on Lifetime called No One Would Tell (1996) with Candace Cameron and Fred Savage. I remember that I saw the first part of it when it was originally on TV around 11 years ago, but I didn’t finish it. (Why does the wrestling season last 5 months? I dated a wrestler in high school and it only lasted three months.) Besides the terrible acting (Fred Savage does CRAZY EYES! Her best friend spends the last 30 minutes sobbing at every opportunity.) it brought back some 90s memories. I was born in 1978, but I hit puberty around 1990-91, so the 90s are more vivid and had more of an impact for me than the 80s, although I do revel in those memories as well.
Let's go backCollapse )

x-posted to sokmunkie
» How do you turn a terrible fanfic into a good one?
The answer is deceptively simple: Make a movie out of it!

Before you break that camera out and run to Hobby Lobby to make some wizard robes, be advised that going that route will not work and is in fact the exact opposite of making a bad fanfic good. A good way to do it is to run the fanfic through a voice synthesizer. That's a very good start, but that does not make a movie. There's a bunch of graphics you have to worry about, but I'm sure that your vision of the fanfic can be emulated perfectly through Photoshop and MS Paint.

Here's an example of how this can be done correctly:

Original Fic

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